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Proclamation- Notice of General Election

The Board of Elections of Guernsey County, Ohio issues this Proclamation and Notice of Election.

A General Election will be held on Tuesday, the 3rd day of November, 2020 at the usual place of holding elections in each and every precinct in Guernsey County or at such places as the Board may designate, for the purpose of choosing the following offices: President/Vice-President of the United States, United States Congress 6th District, Ohio Senate 20th District, Ohio House of Representatives 97th District, County Commissioner Jan. 2 term, County Commissioner Jan. 3 term, County Prosecuting Attorney, County Clerk of Courts, County Sheriff, County Recorder, County Treasurer, County Engineer, County Coroner, Ohio Supreme Court Jan. 1 term, Ohio Supreme Court Jan. 2 term, Ohio Court of Appeals 5th District Feb. 9 term, County Court of Common Pleas, and State Board of Education 9th District, and to determine the following questions or issues: Guernsey County Senior Citizens Center Levy, Guernsey County Children Services Levy, Cambridge City Fire Levy, Cumberland Village Current Expenses Levy, Fairview Village Current Expenses Levy, Lore City Village Current Expenses Levy, Lore City Street Improvements Levy, Pleasant City Village Street Improvements and Maintenance Levy, Quaker City Village Sewage Disposal Levy, Senecaville Village Police Protection Levy, Adams Township Road Maintenance Levy, Adams Township Fire Protection Levy, Richland Township (Excluding Senecaville and a part of Lore City) Road Levy, Wills Township (Excluding Old Washington and a part of Lore City) Fire Protection Levy, and Local Liquor Option Sunday Sales for a Particular Location in Center B Precinct.

The polls for the election will be open at 6:30 a.m. and remain open until 7:30 p.m. on Election day.

By Order of the Board of Elections,

Guernsey County, Ohio

Donald D. Brown, Chairman

Lori A. Bamfield