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Precinct Election Officials (Poll Workers)

Are you interested in becoming a Precinct Election Official for Guernsey County?

Ohio Precinct Election Official Information

On Election Day, thousands of Ohioans play an important role in our democracy by helping to operate neighborhood polling places. Ohio’s precinct election officials (P.E.O.s) work hard to ensure their neighbors have a positive experience when casting a ballot. These volunteers help safeguard the process so all Ohioans can have confidence in the results. Join us on the front lines of democracy and exercise your civic duty by signing up to be a poll worker today.

Ohio Precinct Election Official Training

This site provides access to the online Precinct Election Official training program that many County Boards of Elections are making available to Precinct Election Officials. Although Boards of Elections have added tracking features to confirm Precinct Election Official participation and some of the functionality is slightly different in each county, the content is exactly the same as that being used in all 88 counties.

If you are interested in becoming a Precinct Election Official for Guernsey County, please contact our office below.
We provide all the necessary training and you are paid for your service.
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